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Which season brings you which health imbalance ?

We are in Spring and people are sneezing everywhere. Take note to clean the liver at this point. Eat baby greens and berries as they are what is coming on board. Learn the benefits to dandelion greens and foods that the liver loves. It has been serving you and it is the season to give thanks back to that organ.

Spring- allergies, tiredness, asthma, skin rashes, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, and a lack of rest, frustrations, arrogance

allergies, asthma, eczema, over heating and over sweating, colds, flu, frustrations, anger, disappointment

Fall- allergies, sinus infections, asthma, colds, depression

Winter-allergies, colds, flu, bronual disorders, depression, sadness, asthma,


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Just some bit to ponder for your day...

I started this blog to get out of my head ideas and information that i have on products, food choices, thought choices and actions i want the world to know. I would love to talk about the cosmic soul that taught me most of what i will share but not yet.
I will start out with products that you can buy from that i have come to respect and appreciate that are here on this planet and that the formulators and there families are here for the long haul. The ideals are high and that is what i have been taught to seek.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Final Post for this class "i think"

Unit 10
My final blog entry / summarizing my experiences in this course and how it has assisted my well-being and my ability to assist others.

In unit 3, I gave myself for -physical well-being- between a six and a nine. I would say that this area is a clear 7.  It does not too of seemed to get better.  Now I want to add that this is my person criticism.  That those that know me think I am doing really well.  I look like I am in my early thirties (20 year difference) and my energy is really good.  That I have a great youthful sense of humor and am for the most part fun to be around once you get to know me. I have started Tai Chi in the last three weeks and have continued it almost every day.  Every day I stretch a lot and every day I stretch my mind to keep clear to new ideas and concepts that I will now allow to wander in, controlled by me.

In my spiritual well-being- Here is an area i am still proud of and would still give myself a strong ten. Actually I could go to eleven.  I am very comfortable in my spiritual side. As I continue to eat in a yakuzen type manor (for my health only) I feel my intuitions and spirit open. I have become more sensitive and aware of things around me. I have taken a few day trips to very magical areas and just feel the nature.  This all helps my spiritual side open.  I leave those places feeling refreshed and ready for much more.

Last but not least my psychological well-being- Here is where I placed myself between a seven and a ten.  The low side was based of the amount of disappointment and sadness I hold.  Well since then I have changed a few things.  Being in this class for one helped direct me to just simply be calmer and—I chose to let the love of my life, my breath, my unicorn go and be free.  I put myself on Mood support herbal formulas and changed my diet to easy digesting foods. I allow many tears to come to release the toxins but the tears are a different type.  A letting go type.  Not a frustrating and angered type.  The tears that come now are tears of saying to myself it is all ok and it is going to be ok.  I feel very alone and have a very strong sense ogf not knowing even more but all of that is actually good for me.  Might be hard to understand but it is me that needs to understand and no one else.  It is me that needs to survive and thrive and rebuild.  I gave eleven years of my everything and the acceptance of knowing that I cannot change things I care about to be a better them is just my problem and it is ok. That even areas that I wanted to change in me that it just was not me and that they could not except that is yet another valuable lesson learned.  That I am who I am and I need to embrace all the great attributes that I have.  We will both be lonely without each other I believe this but it is what it is. Maybe someday things will go back and go back differently but I am not going to hold my breath because he was actually my breath.  Wow--- that makes me cry, but all is good. It needs to be (for my health).  So I give myself a much higher grade in this department for making and taking that great step.
This class has been one of the better life tools that I have received since I learned of organics.  I will continue to apply the relaxation techniques and as well re read my books until fully educated by memorizing as much as I can. 
My only challenges in this class is that i am a very busy Aesclepian healer and i work very long hours and become physically drained. This class over all perfect in every way.
Thank you Professor for everything, I still leave open a full healing treatment with all I know to you, if you are ever in my area at no charge.  It is the gratitude payback for being a good teacher. If you feel you need to pay for it in some manor then you can put it in a little manila envelope, put my name on it (diana) with a happy face.


  1. I am glad to hear how rewarding this class was for you and your scores show the progress you have made. My heart goes out to you as you make your adjustments, but as you stated you need to be whole first. I appreciate you sharing your stroy with us and I wish you the best in your personal growth.

  2. thank you colleen. Hope the best to you as well as we are all growing. The day we stop enhancing our personal growth is the day we die.

    Cheers to life!
    Sincerely, diana