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Which season brings you which health imbalance ?

We are in Spring and people are sneezing everywhere. Take note to clean the liver at this point. Eat baby greens and berries as they are what is coming on board. Learn the benefits to dandelion greens and foods that the liver loves. It has been serving you and it is the season to give thanks back to that organ.

Spring- allergies, tiredness, asthma, skin rashes, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, and a lack of rest, frustrations, arrogance

allergies, asthma, eczema, over heating and over sweating, colds, flu, frustrations, anger, disappointment

Fall- allergies, sinus infections, asthma, colds, depression

Winter-allergies, colds, flu, bronual disorders, depression, sadness, asthma,


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Just some bit to ponder for your day...

I started this blog to get out of my head ideas and information that i have on products, food choices, thought choices and actions i want the world to know. I would love to talk about the cosmic soul that taught me most of what i will share but not yet.
I will start out with products that you can buy from that i have come to respect and appreciate that are here on this planet and that the formulators and there families are here for the long haul. The ideals are high and that is what i have been taught to seek.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

HW420 Unit 5 - Loving Kindness  (part 0ne)
  1. Compare and contrast the Loving Kindness exercise and the Subtle Mind exercise. Explain your experience including the benefits, frustrations etc.
These two exercises are so very powerful to any and everyone who applies them.  It has been a week in using them both and i can say they that  they are not easy for me.  "Loving Kindness" put me to sleep in the beginning just after i would give my love and kindness to someone who is suffering.  The first time i took the love and kindness from my own heart, that i gathered from a man that has a unique high level of love, and gave that love to my daughter who was not feeling well, i believe in those moments are when she got up and out of bed and felt better.  I cannot testify to who i gave my love and kindness to with other but it is a feel good practice. To me it makes me feel as if i have just hand made and delivered a gift that i know they always wanted and needed. The "Subtle Mind" exercise is a real Challenge.  I have been working on this one all week and just cannot yet completely get my mind in complete control.  It wonders so much. I have so much in my mind that i am always thinking about.  One thing that is very good though however, i can keep grabbing my mind and bringing it back. Also this one for a strange reason i never fall asleep to.  I want to master this one. 
Through the week my ability to not talk so much has risen greatly as well for a cool reason my humor.  I have made people laugh all week with things i would say. 

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