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Which season brings you which health imbalance ?

We are in Spring and people are sneezing everywhere. Take note to clean the liver at this point. Eat baby greens and berries as they are what is coming on board. Learn the benefits to dandelion greens and foods that the liver loves. It has been serving you and it is the season to give thanks back to that organ.

Spring- allergies, tiredness, asthma, skin rashes, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, and a lack of rest, frustrations, arrogance

allergies, asthma, eczema, over heating and over sweating, colds, flu, frustrations, anger, disappointment

Fall- allergies, sinus infections, asthma, colds, depression

Winter-allergies, colds, flu, bronual disorders, depression, sadness, asthma,


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I started this blog to get out of my head ideas and information that i have on products, food choices, thought choices and actions i want the world to know. I would love to talk about the cosmic soul that taught me most of what i will share but not yet.
I will start out with products that you can buy from that i have come to respect and appreciate that are here on this planet and that the formulators and there families are here for the long haul. The ideals are high and that is what i have been taught to seek.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kaplan-HW420 -Unit 4 "Phychospiritual Flourishing"

This week i was to read chapter 6 in Dasher's book "Integral Health" and focus on the first practice (Loving Kindness).

Where i work i have had a bit of a challenge with an old friend.  I am not sure what i did wrong but one day i was attacked verbally and then again and again and again.  It is always over something petty but i remain quit and do not speak back and let them just say whatever they need.  I have the support of everyone including my manger in knowing this other person goes off often.  For it to happen to me was odd because we have been friends for so long.
The other day i spoke with intense, sincere kindness.  They took it as if i was talking to them like they were a child.  So it did not go well.  I used what i learned from the #1 practice and being this time i had witnesses, they did not look good.  The behavior that everyone witness that happened to me was a surprise.  They saw a side of this other person that they had not seen before.  As well i gained respect for my technique, calmness and wise words. The facts remain this person does not like me and i do not know why.  It is like they resent me.  Funny note, i look very very similar to his girl friend that he had a couple years ago and might still have.

The practice of loving kindness i think is something everyone should experience.  They need to make their own decision how they feel about applying it.  Love to me means: Increase ones potential.  So loving kindness in this form of this practice might not always be the correct answer. I think to go into meditation and bring the pain of another into your heart and dissolve it with a return out-breath of pain free or kindness and love, sounds perfect but some should need to just figure things out on their own and be alone while doing so. 

In learning the understanding of "Mental Workout" is brings us to the practice that was done above.  When we add information to out mind for our health and happiness or soundness we are working out or mind.  We use such a small portion of out minds it really is time to stretch that area that sites on top of our shoulders and use it for something beside a hat rack , as my mother would say.

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