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Which season brings you which health imbalance ?

We are in Spring and people are sneezing everywhere. Take note to clean the liver at this point. Eat baby greens and berries as they are what is coming on board. Learn the benefits to dandelion greens and foods that the liver loves. It has been serving you and it is the season to give thanks back to that organ.

Spring- allergies, tiredness, asthma, skin rashes, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, and a lack of rest, frustrations, arrogance

allergies, asthma, eczema, over heating and over sweating, colds, flu, frustrations, anger, disappointment

Fall- allergies, sinus infections, asthma, colds, depression

Winter-allergies, colds, flu, bronual disorders, depression, sadness, asthma,


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Just some bit to ponder for your day...

I started this blog to get out of my head ideas and information that i have on products, food choices, thought choices and actions i want the world to know. I would love to talk about the cosmic soul that taught me most of what i will share but not yet.
I will start out with products that you can buy from that i have come to respect and appreciate that are here on this planet and that the formulators and there families are here for the long haul. The ideals are high and that is what i have been taught to seek.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Kaplan University-HW420 -Unit 3

  1. Based on your reflections, and on a scale of 1 to 10 (ten being optimal well-being), where do you rate your A-physical well-being, B-spiritual well-being, C-psychological well-being? Why?

A-physical well-being- My physical well being is on a sliding scale. I would say between a six and a nine. There are times truly that after giving a day of healing treatments and i drive home, that getting out of my car takes a second. From my low back to to my shoulders. I know if pushed i would snap right into shape but my push is lite. I know all the things to do naturally to get into shape it is just i place myself often in the "shoeless shoes maker" position.

B-spiritual well-being- Here is an area i am proud of. I would give myself a strong ten. I have been through many facets of organized religion in my years from Lutheran to Catholic to Jehovah to Pentecostal. I have taught Lutheran Sunday school and have read the entire bible as well, took two complete courses of the Pentecostal version, "End Times". I am know seeing nature as my leader, teacher and overall higher power. i believe in spirits, angles as well as the boogie monster. I believe in life in outer-space and that we started by walking upright. I believe that i hold the power to heal with the intent of my minds thoughts. I believe that we hold the power of a higher level within us.

C-psychological well-being- Here is that sliding scale again. It would be between a seven and a ten. Here the only place i waver is in disappointment. I house an enormous amount of sadness. As crazy as this may sound i thought that my life would be very different. I never thought that i would be alone so much. That i would be used so much. That i would be lied to and deceived so much. I never thought that my dad would not live to one hundred and that my children would not do things behind me that i could not see that could of caused them great harm. I never thought that i could not change someones mind in thinking when i present a valid reason. A reason for health and healthfulness. So it has been a journey of learning and understand just where my place is on this planet and excepting that i had many things wrong. That makes me want to cry just admitting all this right here. So being sound in mind and body is always my every moment goal. To be mindful of each and every thing. To except what is real and allow real to be what it is. At that point i can walk away from it wiping my feet or stand there and face it. I have a choice. Always remembering that sadness is the sincerest of emotions and cause the least amount of harm to the body of all the emotions even happiness. Peace, sound and calm is what i seek.

2) Develop a goal for yourself in each area (physical, spiritual, psychological).

My goals in these three areas are-

Physical-take more walks often, use my yoga ball and exercise tools more, apply my Tai Chi to every day when it restarts in May on the 15th.

Spiritual-A goal here for me would be to maintain the spiritual developments that i have developed and maintain this development through the rest of my life.

Psychological-The mind is a beautiful thing and i think that people beat themselves up too much over hows theirs works. So, here it is important for me to realize that things happened for what ever reason they do and nothing should be taken personal. The times that something might feel personal are the times we are being tested. That in those times our mind (emotions) need to remain calm, cool and try to move on. Moving away emotionally, psychology, from a problem will allow you to get a better grasp on it. it would be those times that you need to take that walk as well.

3) What activities or exercise can you implement in your life to assist in moving toward each goal?

Focus, focus, focus, focus, are the only words i hear to help me reach these goal that i had mentioned above. I must remove distractions as well and i must think of Diana, think of myself. If i would think of myself more (my needs) and stop offering my talents as much as i do, then my goals will come easier.

  1. Complete the relaxation exercise The Crime of the Century. Describe your experience. (What it beneficial? Frustrating? etc.) To hear this exercise, click here.

This was a wonderful relaxation video. The concept of the rainbow and it's seven colors relating to what i believe are the seven chakras was a beautiful idea to enhance relation. Everyone loves rainbows and the concept of the rainbow to relax with was beautiful.
This exercise was very beneficial for me in that i look at colors all the time in regards to health. Every organ has a color and here every emotion has a color. I have a few very personal thoughts about red, both blues, yellow, emerald green and white. Coupled with the other colors, it was a beautiful journey.

Now, i listened to this very early in the morning and i think that it might of been too early. From wanting to sleep to the things i had planned for my day i had to keep refocusing. I would like to get to a point that this form of relation can come at any time of the day. I would also like to make the red, yellow and blues for me have my own personal meaning and not relate to experiences in my life. That as well, was distracting but not harmful, but just a little disturbing. Boy i have a lot to do.


  1. Diana
    Believe it or not, I think you sound just fine and a little on the normal side. LOL. I too put different values and interpretation to colors. What one may find comforting, I may find troublesome, but non-the-less I did enjoy the exercise.

    I have come to expect certain actions and reactions from my children based on life experience. I have prepared myself ( in a way ) for them to either way and thus with being somewhat prepared for it I can react in a much more calm fashion. When I allow others actions to affect me, I have made a choice to give them that power. I retreat from the situation to clear my head so that I may make better choices and give them only the power I wish them to have. Have you ever tried to just absorb what is around you instead of trying to disect it? What you do not understand or find extremely upsetting give it God. He knows just what to do. You said you have read the Bible, and if you did so with prayer of understanding, I believe you will find your way through His guidance. You stated that you have a lot to do and I wish you peace and understanding with your undertaking. Try one thing at a time. Envelope yourself in it and be finished with it if needed and then gracefully move along you path. We are all with you on your journey.

  2. Part one of two-

    Collean, thank you so much for your post and your comments.
    I do not mean to offend so hope your mind remains open here.
    I no longer chose to pray to or are part of any religion that prays to a God, or to any human being form, in which one gives all higher power to.
    I look at that as taking what should be your own responsibility for all your actions, whether weakness, illness etc., and giving it to something that will clean up your mistakes of poor judgment for you.
    Example one- "you sin, you pray- ask for forgiveness, you are forgiven, all is better, conscience cleared. (No matter how many times you make that error)
    Example two- You speak unbidden or eat poorly, you become sick or injured due to it, you pray ask for forgiveness, you are forgiven , all is better. Your conscience cleared.
    Example three- you become sick, you pray ask for healing,(which to me is letting your body know you are going to get well, energy shift in the chemicals happens -studies proven- so your body starts to work on it "mind-body" connection), you become well or live, your prayers answered, you thank a higher power, all good, conscience cleared. You then give thanks to something that was within yourself all along. "So you gave your own power away" and no one barely realizes this. Very few.
    If something is upsetting to me an organ is not doing well. So changes need to be made. I need to make.
    What we put into our mouths, amount of technology choose to use, where we choose to have that item on our bodies, environment we choose to live, toxic clothing we choose to wear, water we choose to drink, utensils we choose to use and put our food in, heating elements we use to heat food on, life style we choose to live, air we choose to breath, relationships we choose to have, is all a product of how our health is. You get the idea.

    I have and strongly believe in, my power that i can have comes from myself only and from the nature of my health. Nature meaning, how the homeostasis of all my organs and systems work and understand their nature and what makes them the best for me a female.
    My health is all a part of how i have chosen to live, where i have chosen to live, what things i put into my mouth etc.. The balance and harmony of that is in the exact same nature as to how our health works and in my health is the signs i look for in what i am doing right and in what i am doing wrong.
    I appreciate your response and completely understand your thinking in this area it is just no longer how i choose to think and wish i would of understood what i know today much earlier in my life..

    1. Part two of two-

      It has been brought to my attention that the amount of passion that i have in caring for another puts me in vulnerable zones. Being i learned that, it is a balance i seek. In TCM i have (what they would call) a lot of yin. In my "care" department i give tons and tons more than i receive. "I care about absolutely everything". To love is to increase ones potential at any cost, most do not have that one down (in the areas of addictions- tough love is used and that comes close). It is not to me about giving power away, because the amount of care i give is more powerful than what is taken. It is realizing what the definition of power is.
      When i was born and as well in my early years, I had an imbalance that relates with the liver and kidney. Not realizing the imbalance, it has been getting now addressed in the last eleven years. When you are born with a symptom that has been getting pasted from generation to generation, and i am changing it, with herbs and diet, it takes a bit.

      I think "power" is a man’s word and for a women to recognize that she is needing it or even thinking that she can manipulate it to her will, to me, is an imbalance in her. That "power" comes when you have no "power". That "power" is a multitude of control and healthful control is a silent force that need never be titled.
      I am also speaking from a female perspective and in the phenomenon of yin personality.
      Yes a journey, is what all are on.

      Am i still what you would call "normal" If so, please send me some like minds. I would greatly and forever appreciate it.